Nature Quest

Nature Quest is a year-round activity. Be sure to complete at least 5 trails to attend the 2023 Nature Quest Fest!

Fun — The Great Outdoors — Prizes

Nature Quest provides a great opportunity to experience the outdoors and be active with friends and family while discovering some of the best parks and trails in Baltimore County. You can bike, hike, or canoe on designated trails to complete the Nature Quest and earn fun prizes. The Nature Quest is ongoing but questers that complete at least 5 trails each year receive free admission to that year’s Quest Fest.

Complete Your Quest in Three Easy Steps!

  1. Get your Passport booklet. Pick up a Nature Quest booklet from your local Wegmans store, at Lake Roland, Oregon Ridge Nature Center, Cromwell Valley Park, Marshy Point Nature Center, Maryland Agricultural Center, Benjamin Banneker Historical Park, or download one here.
  2. Start hiking. Take your booklet and a pencil or crayon and head out on the trails. Record your progress by making a rubbing, with a pencil or crayon, of the trail marker located on each of the 16 trails in the booklet.
  3. Collect your prizes. Prizes are awarded after accumulating rubbings from at least 5 of the 16 trails and can be picked up at any of the participating parks. In addition to the prizes, questers that complete 5 trails or more also receive free admission to the Nature Quest Fest. Questers that complete 9 or more trails will be entered into drawings for great prizes!
Nature Quest